About Katherine Lewi Otsuji

Owner of Appraisal Services Kauai, Certified Residential Appraiser

Katherine “Katy” Lewi Otsuji is a seasoned real estate appraiser in the industry with over three decades of experience. As the owner of Appraisal Services Kauai, she has dedicated her career to providing top-notch residential appraisal services.

Katy’s journey in real estate began in 1986, where she initially made her mark in sales and property management. Her early experiences in these areas allowed her to gain invaluable insights into how buyers and sellers respond to various property features. This foundational knowledge has been instrumental in her success as an appraiser, helping her to assess properties with a keen eye and a comprehensive understanding of the market.


In 1992, Katy made the transition to full-time appraisal work, a move that has defined her career ever since. Her expertise and dedication have earned her a reputation for reliability and precision in the industry. Katy’s commitment to her craft is evident in the detailed and accurate appraisals she provides, ensuring her clients receive the best possible service. Katy grew up in the sunny landscapes of Southern California, where she also pursued her higher education. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, a prestigious institution known for its excellent academic programs and scenic campus. This educational background laid a strong foundation for her professional endeavors.

In addition to her professional achievements in home appraisals, Katy has a fulfilling personal life. She is married to Marvin Otsuji, the owner of Seasport Divers, a successful scuba diving company that has been thriving for over 30 years. Together, they share a deep connection to the ocean and the beautiful island of Kauai.

Katy and Marvin have one daughter, Kainani, who has followed in her mother’s footsteps by pursuing higher education. Kainani was born and raised on Kauai, surrounded by its natural beauty and close-knit community. She later moved to California for college and now resides in the bustling Los Angeles area.

When they are not working, you can find Katy and Marvin paddling and sailing outrigger canoes in the pristine waters of Hawaii. This passion for the ocean and outdoor activities reflects their love for the island’s culture and natural environment.

Katy’s story is one of dedication, both to her family and her profession. Her deep roots in the real estate industry, combined with her personal experiences and strong family ties, make her a well-rounded and respected figure in the community. Whether working on appraisals or enjoying time with her family, Katy brings passion and commitment to everything she does. Contact her today!

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